Longaccess shut down, your archives are still safe.

TL;DR On July 16, 2015, Longaccess shut down. However, your files are still safe: If you have a longaccess certificate and you want to retrieve your data, please contact me at pv@longaccess.com

The long version

Longaccess was one of the most —if not the most— ambitious projects I've ever been involved with: A service that would preserve personal digital archives for decades. A strongly encrypted time capsule for digital files, designed to last for decades, that can only be opened by the holder of a paper key.

I had PURPOSE. I wanted to make sure important moments, thoughts and events captured in digital media would survive long enough for the next generations to find them. I wanted to make sure my new born daughter would be able to find what I consider my most precious moments in life so far: the first time I hold her in my hands, her first birthday.

I was extremely lucky to bring together a great team of extremely kind and briliant people. Kostas Koukopoulos, Nikos Roussos, Fivos Avgerinos, Sofia Margariti, Fanis Tokas, Magda Karagianni, I can not thank you enough for joining me in this bold endeavour. Sofia Gkiousou, I'll always be oblidged for helping us with our PR in your spare time.

As for our investors, The Open Fund and George Saliaris, I'll always appreciate the level of trust and support and freedom you guys showed me.

I still think Longaccess was a great idea and I'm proud for making a buisness case out of it, but I hold myself responsible for not executing it successfully.

Logaccess was not a typical startup. Yes, we did some very cool technical things, yes, we spent months in thinking how to hide the complexities involved behind a beautiful and elegand interface. But we also made a promise that few people, let alone companies, dare to make: A 30 year promise to preserve our users' data. And some people believed in us, trusted us, and hold our promise at face value.

Dear Longaccess users, thank you! I'm deeply humbled by your trust, and I know that some of these archives hold extremely valuable memories and moving stories of extrordinary people. And I feel the moral obligation to keep this promise even after Longaccess shut down.

So, I will personally keep and preserve your archives for as long as I can. They are encrypted, and I can not see what's in them, but if you have the coresponding paper key (the "Longaccess Certificate") of such an archive, and you would like to retrieve your data, please contact me at pv@longaccess.com, and I will help you do so. As promised.

Panayotis Vryonis,
Founder and CEO at Longaccess.
April 15, 2016.

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