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I’ve spent the last days trying to install linux on an xbox, no luck so far -it looks like I have on of the newes ones where the Cromwell OSS BIOS does not work very well.. :-( I gues I’ll have to wait for the next version of cromwell.

However I’ve been getting a lot of mail lately regarding lilina, so I decided to set up a forum at SF so that everyone can easily post ideas, suggestions and problems, and share it with other developers and users.

Merry Christmas!

  • Posted on 2004-12-24 06:12
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2 Responses to lilina forum

  1. Che Dong says:

    Hi Vrypan:
    I renamed the edit.php to my_edit.php and found it not filename independly.


    Che Dong

  2. Warren Smith says:

    Nice work. It is great to see development in this area and I particularly enjoy smart stuff like this that is also simplistic enough not to be dependant upon a database. Good going.