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testing Livefyre

Livefyre is a “conversation platform” -much like disqus or intensedebate. I decided to give it a try. So far I like it: it’s fast, clean, feature-packed and Greek characters (unicode) seem to work fine (this is always a major concern … read more

intellectual parenthood

The term “Intellectual Property” implies a specific set of rights over a work of art. Even if this is not exaclty the case, when we say Intellectual Property, most people consider this a form of ownership much like owning a … read more

you in Greece

via visitgreece youtube channel

The Mac App Store sounds nice. It’s Apple I’m scared of.

The recently announced Mac App Store is a great idea: an easy to use, easy to monetize software distribution system that guaranties users a good level of software quality. But I’m not thrilled. I live in Greece. Which means that … read more

using SparkleShare

I tried the beta version of SparkleShare. It wants to become a dropbox alternative, but it’s open source and runs on top of git -which is really cool. Here is a video of how it looks like. This is a … read more

@you: twitter UI fail?

No, my twitter handler is “vrypan”, not “you”

I’d like to set up a torrent tracker. How?

I want to set up a bittorrent tracker. I will seed legal content, don’t worry about this. Even though bittorrent is such a wonderful and widespread technology, I found little information on how to set up my own tracker. It … read more

MEPs deplore Council’s continued secrecy on ACTA

The “four musketeers” of the European Parliament (Lambrinidis/GR, Castex/FR, Alvaro/DE and Roithova/CZ) issued a press release deploring EU Council’s continued secrecy on ACTA. PRESS RELEASE Strasbourg, 10 March 2010 MEPs deplore Council’s continued secrecy on ACTA Council’s intransigence to disclose … read more

post to twitter, but keep your data under your control.

I’ve been using twitter since 2006, but I’m not a big fan of it. However, it has become my main way of sharing links and information, replacing other services, like delicious. One of the things I don’t like about twitter … read more

Google public DNS: these guys scare me.

Why would Google offer a public DNS service? Because it’s a cheap and easy way to track attention today and in the future. (Almost) anything you do on the internet requires DNS queries. And when I say anything I don’t … read more