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The Openfund-selected start-ups.

Today, The OpenFund anounced the selection of the first series of start-ups. Four promising companies: (with an “a”, that’s right), youscan, fashinating, and my favorite, listiki. Keep an eye on listiki -I think it can become even bigger than … read more

rssCloud and file sync

We need an open source file syncing service that would use RSS to describe the changes on the “main” file repo, and then use rssCloud to notify the rest of the repos. read more

my dream blog engine

Let’s say I could have my dream blog engine. How would that be? – it would let me easily copy the whole blog to a new server when I decide to change hosting providers. – I wouldn’t have to worry … read more

Suggestion to Friendfeed and WordPress

How I’d like to integrate Friendfeed and my blog. It’s not hard. But there are some pieces missing. read more

FFDirect 0.7.0

FFDirect 0.7.0 is out. Most notable new feature is the automatic polling of friendfeed for post “likes” and comments. The results are included in the HTML body of the post (unlike other similar solutions, that use javascript). If you like … read more

help me test the next version of FFDirect

I’m testing the next version of FFDirect. It will automatically insert a link to the corresponding friendfeed entry at the end of a post, and will also pull friendfeed comments and likes. (I’m using version 0.6.1 here, it’s not publicly … read more

pulling FF likes and comments back to your blog. or not?

It’s been a subject I debate with myself. Do I want the activity that happens around a post of mine in different places around the web pulled back to my blog? For example comments left on friendfeed, of tweets linking … read more

FFDirect 0.6.0 is out

FFDirect has it’s own “friendfeed client ID” now! read more

using FFdirect to track friendfeed genetrated traffic

Making the most out of FFDirect by enabling URL auto-tagging for Google Analytics. read more

ffdirect v0.2

I’ve fixed some bugs in FFDirect, please upgrade to v0.2. I’m also working on a couple of ideas to make the plugin make the best out of friendfeed, like how is the body of the content better presented and adding … read more