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Nice Sgml2Html

Nice Sgml2Html

Panayotis Vryonis vrypan@hol.gr
Last updated 18 Dec 1997

Publish your linuxdoc sgml documents on the Web !!!

niceSgml2Html is an add-on to sgml-tools, which helps you create nice HTML documents from your SGML source.

sgml-tools is an SGML-based formating system which allows you to produce a variety of output formats. For more information visit http://www.xs4all.nl/~cg/sgmltools.

4 Jan 1998 - New niceSgml2Html0.5 !!! Version 0.5 supports the kde look and allows for different niceInclude files (now called nif files) per sgml file.

18 Dec 1997 - New niceSgml2Html0.4 !!! niceHtml2Html has gone under major reconstruction. More flexibility, more power!!!

4 Dec 1997 - NEW niceSgml2Html0.3 !!! The Table of Contents appears using smaller fonts, making it more functional.

NEW niceSgml2Html0.2 !!! In this version you get better HTML code, better handling of the AUTHOR and DATE tags and the ability to incert HTML HEADER tags (such as META tags) in your documents.

Nice Sgml2Html